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My interest in photography began at a young age. I became a professional photographer in Aspen, Colorado. For over twenty years, I worked as a ski photographer and photojournalist. I photographed numerous subjects: people, architecture and nature. Traditional film processing, using darkroom equipment and chemicals, was the only way images were created.

Digital imaging, has truly liberated my vision. Now, I have control over the development process that could not have been imagined previously. Technology enables me to enhance the photograph beyond the mere record of a scene. Imagination is my only limit. Colors can be muted or exaggerated, two or more pictures can be composited, shapes can be distorted or refined, all to give the final image a unique interpretation.

These images are a combination of conventional imaging, using film or digital capture, and computer enhancement. The prints are made using archival paper and pigment-based inks. They have a longevity that will exceed silver-based photographic processes.

I have chosen to make open edition prints to reach the largest audience possible. Digital photography lends itself to unlimited reproduction. A file printed today can be exactly reproduced anytime in the future.

I offer you just a taste of Europe. My images give you high lights and details and occasionally a well known landmark with my special interpretation. Please enjoy the trip.

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