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Travel photography has an element of serendipity. When lucky, I arrive in the plaza with the blue sky dotted with fluffy clouds, the pedestrians perfectly positioned, and the cathedral gleaming in the late afternoon light. Typically, I’m passing through in the morning when the facade is in shadow or sky overcast, the lavender will be perfect next week, and the festival was yesterday. Yet, shoot I must, for who knows when I will pass this way again.

Such photography, while memorable as a souvenir of glorious vacations, seldom yields outstanding images. I admit, I have vainly sought the spot pictured in the guide book that inspired the trip. Indeed, the view of Hallstatt in the Austria Gallery has appeared in blue-sky form in many brochures and posters. I visited on a misty day and I feel my interpretation depicts an energy the unretouched photograph could not.

I use film and digital cameras. With Adobe Photoshop I optimize the images to the point where they would make outstanding reproductions. From there I apply layers, masks and filters to achieve the effects you see in these pictures. The work I’ve done has an eclectic style. Different images require different techniques: how the range of light effects the scan or digital capture influences how the Photoshop filter processes the image. Applying the same settings to one image yields a vastly different result from another. The work becomes experimental, and the results almost random. With practice I notice patterns I can repeat, but a definitive technique will require more experience to formulate.

Prints are reproduced on an Epson Photo Stylus printer using Epson Ultra-Chrome pigment inks and Epson Professional Media. Under normal display conditions, with the print mounted under glass, the image should last 70 or more years before noticeable fading — almost three times longer than most silver based photographs. For greatest longevity, avoid direct sunlight.

I offer you just a taste of Europe. My images give you high lights and details and occasionally a well known landmark with my special interpretation. Please enjoy the trip.

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