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Travel Hints by Helen

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Helen’s Helpful Hints

1. In Oaxaca: Be careful when you walk on the sidewalks. They can be treacherous. They’re uneven and

have holes in them.

2. The traffic does NOT stop for pedestrians! Crossing the streets is like dodge cars.

3. Drink ONLY bottled water!!! Even locals drink purified water. Ask if the ice has been made with purified

water. Then, you decide whether or not to have your drink with or without ice. The lettuce at some

restaurants has been specially washed. It’s noted on the menu if it has been, but you can ask—and not

eat if concerned.

Here are some items you may want to bring:

1. Hairdryer: same voltage as US

2. An umbrella

3. Comfortable walking shoes

4. Insect repellent. Off now has packets, like wash

n’dries, easy to carry

5. Maybe a hand fan

6. Purell or another purse size hand sanitzer

7. Wash n’ dries

8. Straw hat – Cooler than cloth. If you don’t own one, they’re cheap in Oaxaca and you’ll find tons of

them, great selection

9. A fanny pack – Wear instead of a handbag. You’ll be going to fascinating markets (with pickpockets and

they’re pros)

10. Tote bag for your purchases. Also can buy in Oaxaca

11. Bring Pepto Bismal, Immodium, Benedryl…just in case. The Pharmacy carries all, but if you need it,

you’ll want it. Also the Casa Colonial had Pepto Bismal liquid, but I wouldn’t count on them…

12. Small Kleenex packs: always carry. I’ve seldom been to a toilet that needed tp, but you never know

13. In this genre, you might want baby wipes in case…

14. Expect to see children who beg, very cute, and ingratiating. Please keep in mind they ARE poor and

have little to nothing. You might bring or purchase candies. Pesos work too.

15. Old clothes you care to discard bring with you. There are lots of places you can give to in Mexico.

16. Bring an empty bag, collapsible suitcase. You can put your discard garments in it on the way down and

fill it with all those hand-embroidered dresses and blouses, scarves, weavings, hand-painted wooden


etc. that are fairly inexpensive and gorgeous.

17. You might bring a little bit of bubble wrap if you think you’ll purchase some ceramic pieces or take

home some mescal.

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