The 2011 Castles wall calendar included my photograph of the

medieval castle in Erice, Sicily, built by the Normans in the 12th

Century. See Samples 3, March thumbnail, top right.

The 2012 Lighthouses calendar includes my image of the

Portland Head Light, Portland, Maine. See Samples 1, August


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Jim Kahnweiler: Photographer, Photo Retoucher & Research


I'm a photo retoucher and researcher for Ziga Design. We produce calendars and coffee table books for Calendar

Holdings (, Perfect Timing, Barnes and Noble, and Rizzoli/Universe.

I share photo research responsibilities with several colleagues; we source images from stock photo libraries and

individual photographers. I initiated all the research on the titles displayed on this web site.

My work includes preparing all images for reproduction and proofing all mechanicals prior to release to the press.


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